Voter’s Concerns


Nunzio Portrait for webDiego watch partyWhat is the Difference Between Nunzio and Diego?


Nunzio (R)

Issue Diego (D)


Granting Special Civil Rights status on the basis of homosexuality



Lower Utility Bills

Voted Yes for every CPS increase


Education Vouchers that allow parents to choose public or private schools



Allow Local Government  to Choose Winners and Losers in Business and Home Life


Opposes Allow Tesla Car Manufacturer favored Status over Texas Car Dealers



Open Carry Supports





Fund Senior Community Centers and Nutrition Centers

City closed 25 centers while Diego was on City Council

Opposes Increase Taxes and Fees of any Type

 Wants to Study it


Where does Nunzio stand on the issues?


Senior Citizens make up 13 percent of HD123

I will propose legislation that funds Senior Community Centers in HD123 without raising taxes.  Further, I will demand to know why the City of San Antonio has closed over 25 Senior Nutrition sites while Diego served on City Council, and at the same time saw several first class Senior Community Centers open in other Districts of San Antonio.


Individual Opportunity through Job Creation and Training

I will author legislation requiring our public schools to work together with Industry Associations to create Apprenticeship Programs to train our students in trades such as Masonry, Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning, and Nursing.


Truth in Taxation

Taxes that are specified for a particular need cannot be diverted for other uses. The State Lottery was supposed to fund only Education.  The Gasoline tax was to fund only Roads. I will introduce Legislation that puts a stop to the diversion of any taxes that were established for a specific purpose.



I will not vote for any new Taxes, nor will I vote for any existing Taxes to be increased.  The State of Texas has sufficient Tax Revenue to fund all the needs of Texas for the  foreseeable future. The majority of the residents of HD123 live from pay check to pay check or are retired, living on fixed incomes.  We cannot afford any new taxes placed on the backs of HD123.


Affordable Health Care for Individuals and Small Business

Obamacare is not affordable!  The 164 tax increases that fund Obamacare touch the wallets of every American.

Small Businesses must be allowed access to Group Health plans without Participation Requirements.

Individual mandates must be abolished. We should all be allowed to buy only the coverage we need. Health Insurance is not “One Size Fits All”.

Pro Life during Conception and End of Life

I will advocate for legislation that prevents any abortion that is not performed to save the life of the Mother and prohibits any government agency or physician from withholding life-sustaining measures without the written consent of the patient or the patient’s medical power of attorney.